$5,000 to win for the best built solution to a problem faced by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri! A chance to help BBBS improve their ability to help children be successful!

Do you want to bring innovation to an organization that does amazing work helping kids all over Eastern, Missouri? Do you like working with other intelligent people? Have skills like web or mobile development or design? Apply your techie and creative skills at the Hack & Help Hackathon during TechWeek in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Hack & Help brings together programmers, designers, students, and non-profit leaders to reboot local services by creating open source web, mobile, and SMS applications. Imagine a peace corps of techies for civic betterment.

During the 3-day Hack & Help Hackathon, you will be building for the good of kids, receive input from experts and form teams to create useful prototypes that solve real needs. All you need to do is bring your brain, skills, and enthusiasm!

Participation in the Hackathon is FREE.


The leadership team of BBBS Eastern Missouri have provided the following challenges. They will attend the opening session to clarify their needs and provide additional information. 

Challenge 1: Online Scheduling

In 2017 we will have 1,200 volunteers applying to become volunteer mentors that will need to schedule a volunteer interview. 

Challenge 2: Virtual MatchCard / Mailer Game

We manage over 1,600 active match relationships, daily.  Each match includes a volunteer mentor, a “little” (mentee ages 5-25), and a parent—so over, 5,000 relationships to manage.  Each one of these participants has changing contact information and no central “hub” to communicate electronically.

Challenge 3: Targeted Volunteer Recruitment

Each year Big Brothers Big Sisters needs to identify and recruit 1,200 new volunteer applicants (always need more males and African American volunteers) to be matched with a youth within the service area (St. Louis city, St. Louis County, St. Charles County, Jefferson County, Cape Girardeau County and Scott County)

Challenge 4: Online Master Calendar

Within the agency there are multiple events, internal & external, that are documented in multiple places. Events could be anything from a program event for Bigs & Littles to a donor reception or a ticketed event to our new space, ANEW.


Friday, July 21:

6 pm: Check-in, team set-up

6:30 pm: Welcome!

6:45 pm: Explanation of problems with Q&A

7 pm: Start Hacking! (Feel free to stay at Codefi as long as needed)

Saturday, July 22:

Hack Day! Codefi will be open starting at 9 am if your team needs a place to work.

5:30 pm: Pizza with kids from Marquette Tech Insutute Code Camp and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Sunday, July 23:

9 am: Codefi opens

3:30 pm: Teams need to have final solutions submitted through DevPost

4 pm: Pitch solutions to judges.

4:45 pm: Judging and deliberation

5 pm: Wrap up and announcement of finalists

Thursday, July 27:

6 pm: Present solutions at Marquette TechFest (at least one member of your team needs to be present)

7:30 pm: Announcement of hackathon winners!

Hackathon Sponsors


$5,000 in prizes

Winner Take All $5,000 Cash

$5000 cash prize and and the chance to work with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri for full implementation.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Everyone with an idea is encouraged to participate in Hack & Help Hackathon. We encourage diversity (gender, skillsets, backgrounds, both professionals and university students, etc.).

Participation in the Hackathon is FREE.


When you’re ready to enter your submission, go to the marquettetechinstitute.devpost.com homepage and click CREATE A SUBMISSION. You can also start this process and save a draft of your submission as you’re working on it.

Make sure to include good screenshots.

Write a clear, detailed description of your application.

Include the link to the GitHub repo.

Include the link to the prototype demo site.

We strongly recommend not creating presentation slides, but instead focusing all your time on creating a functioning demo.

On the submission form, list all your team members by their ChallengePost user name.

How to enter

All hackers must pre-register for the hackathon at marquettetechinstitute.org/hackandhelp.


James Stapleton

James Stapleton
Founder / Codefi

Brian Holdman

Brian Holdman
Founder / Codefi

Ted Jones

Ted Jones
Developer / RedHat

Judging Criteria

  • Judging Criteria
    Problem-Solution Fit: Well-defined problem? Mitigating/resolving issue? Potential Impact: Widespread problem? Well researched? Prototype: Easy-to-use? Engaging for user? Ease of Deployment: Employable and Scalable solution? How committed is team?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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